Taxi Hub

Terms and Conditions


“You” = The customer

“We” / “Our” = Us, ie Taxi Hub, a trading name of LT Taxis and private hire Ltd.

“Taxi Driver” = any individual taxi or private hire licenced driver, or company

Our Service To You

We will provide you with a server/cloud based operating system for your taxi business, also known as a taxi dispatch system, this system will be of a class that is comparable or better than the best 3 competitor systems on the market, in terms of functionality, down time and customer service. Our systems will be accessible to you 365 days a year, 24hrs a day, with exception to any planned downtime for updates (minimal and usually for minutes at a time) and downtime as a result of attacks or other such unplanned issues (see “Down Time” below)

We will respond to your queries and provide an excellent service to you, and in particular, we will take on board your feedback and update our system to reflect your requirements and wishes, where those updates will benefit the majority of other users.

Down Time

All suppliers and users of server/cloud based operating systems experience some down time at some point, either as a result of periodic major system updates, or through cyber attacks. What is important is that the provider does everything possible to limit down time. We do this by using a cluster of hybrid servers, and in the event of a serious attack, our data and all systems automatically switch to one of a number of standby empty servers. This switch is pretty much instantaneous and mostly no downtime is reported. This is in addition to a host of anti attack and firewall measures and we employ software 24hrs a day monitoring for downtime. This software sends alarm alerts to our development team should any unplanned downtime occur so that our response can be instantaneous. Only the very best and most thorough of companies employ such measures in order to minimise downtime, and although we have never experienced any downtime more than the odd planned few minutes for important updates here and there, it is always possible that downtime may occur at any time no matter what measures are employed. If and when this occurs in the future, we will do our very best to bring all systems back online as soon as possible, however you agree that we are not liable for this in any way, shape or form, and we will not compensate you for any lost business or inconvenience. This is standard in the industry as downtime is a potential hazard of using technology to run a business, although the risk is becoming smaller and smaller with such measures that we employ as outlined. You may wish to indemnify your company against such losses, but as we have outlined here, the risk really is minimal, and has never happened to us in all our years of trading thus far.

Proprietary Rights

We own all of the software used by you as you are effectively borrowing / renting the use of it. As such we reserve the right to limit or remove your access to it at any time. In reality this will never happen unless you acted in some way against us, defamed us, or sought to alter/attack our software in an unauthorised manner or other such action or demonstrated other such damaging intention against us or other users of our software products and/or services.

In the highly unlikely event that we restricted your access to any of our software or services, we would of course give you access to your own information needed to move to another dispatch system provider / carry on your business by other means.

We would always give you prior notice of the removal of our services, and in non serious events we will provide you 60 days notice of termination, however in the event of any serious attacks or intention to harm us or other users (defined by the likely subjective decision of any reasonable 3rd person) then access will be limited immediately and personal contact made in order to sever our association with you, but provide you with all information needed for you to move your business from us and carry on the running of it with as little inconvenience to you and your customers as possible.

We accept no liability whatsover for any loss/damage/inconvenience caused to you as a result of reasonable actions in accordance with the above terms in this section.


We obviously hold a great deal of data, and our employees must have access to your data in order to help you with queries, glitch fixing and also to allow for the continued development of the system, meaning – for example – that after we have installed an update, we must view how that update is functioning in a live environment, hence we may view how your system is functioning for that purpose only. By agreeing to these terms and conditions you are allowing us to view your data for these two purposes only ie for responding to your queries/glitch fixing and for system development. Whenever we view your system/data, our employees must select a genuine reason for viewing your data and our system is set to automatically send you a log of this, including date, time, employee name and the reason for accessing your data/your system. This allows you to query with us the exact nature/reasoning for the access to your data/system and report any breaches of the data protection act to us/the data commissioner. These notifications will occur by e mail to the e mail account provided by you at the point of registration, and a master log of all system entries will be kept centrally by us and will perhaps be included in your own Taxi Hub system also at some later date.

Other data such as your card details for payment and those of your customers will be held by our preferred payment gateway provider, currently “Judo”. If you use our card payment systems then you will have had to have signed up with them and it is they that hold entire responsibility for data protection in relation to card transactions. We do not have access to any of your card details at any time.

In addition to in built software safety systems, new staff are trained in data protection and the importance of the protection of all sensitive data during an induction period, and any breaches will be reported to the data commissioner.

Loss of Data

We are not responsible for any loss of data held by us on your behalf or as a result of any transmition of such data using techinical services through the internet or by use of any of our services.

3rd Party Providers

All complex software includes coding and/or services provided by 3rd parties, such as payment gateways, texting services etc. Where this is the case within Taxi Hub and it’s associated software, it is either obvious or we make it clear. We accept no responsibility whatsoever for any services provided to you by these 3rd party suppliers, and you should read their terms and conditions to satisfy yourself of any queries you may have about them.


See “Our Service To You” and “Downtime” sections above which outlines the service you can expect from us, including the measures we have adopted to minimise downtime, which holds the largest potential for complaint and perceived liability. Those sections make clear that we accept no liability whatsoever for any downtime that may occur as we do everything that can reasonably be expected to minimise it.

We provide a software platform / taxi dispatch system which helps you run your business, however no complex software is infallable to glitches and/or user error that may result in loss/damage or inconvenience to you. You should satisfy yourself that we provide the best system for your purposes, but as with all such systems, you must accept that this is not bespoke software and not all areas may function as you would like. Also, despite rigorous testing, future updates may result in glitches that cause loss/damage/inconvenience to you. This is the occasional nature of complex software and we accept no liability for any loss/damage/inconvenience that may arise from such glitches, downtime or anything else pertaining to our service. That said, we will do everything reasonably within our power to provide an excellent, pre-tested world class dispatch system free of downtime.

Payment for Taxi Hub

We provide a clear and transparent pricing policy after your 14 day free trial. 

Currently £2 per week per driver - 5p per text (optional extra) - .1% + 10p per card transaction (optional extra). We hold the right to change these prices in the future.

 - other than these terms and conditions – our services are not contracted, you and any other customer may leave without charge or responsibility, at any time.

Thank you

Thank you for reading our terms and conditions, we hope you have appreciated the plain English and honesty of them, and now please go enjoy using our technology, and change your business for the better.

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