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Any smart phone, any tablet, manage your drivers through Taxi Hub's app from your pocket, your desk, from anywhere.

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Runs On Your Smart Device

Taxi Hub can be used from any smart iPhone or Android device, allowing you to manage a whole fleet of drivers with different devices without having to go to the expense of updating a whole raft of handsets.

Like any good app, the interface that drives Taxi Hub is highly intuitive. We will provide full training on its operation but once you get going and familiarise yourself with all of its features, you will be flying around the app in no time.

Simple Design

The simple design, and easily navigable pathways between the various stages of a job, from receiving an email for a quote to completion of the fare, will mean you can engage your driver quickly and cleanly, eliminating the need for constant back and forth dialogue between driver and dispatch. Their whole schedule can be planned, monitored and executed from the app, as well as being updated if changes in route need to be made. If the driver gets hailed in the street, all they will need to do is enter the customers destination and the system is updated automatically. The apps GPS will auto-populate the route, where the fare was picked and how much it will be, and even store for future reference if the same customer happens to require a cab again in the future, all this is done with maximum speed and efficiency, cutting out the need to go back and forth with their dispatch team, making the operation much smoother and faster.

Mapping Technology

Taxi Hub also has full financial capability, you can input your customers route details into the system and your driver will be provided with an accurate quote and route, using Google Maps latest technology. Once all of this information has been processed, and your fare has arrived safely at their destination, the app can be used to take full payment, making life quick and easy for customer and driver alike so they can both get on their way. This can also add an added level of security for drivers, meaning they can travel without the need to carry cash if travelling at night or in an area where it is know to be potentially unsafe. For your loyal customers, or for bulk bookings, it can also factor in discounts set by the driver, or dispatch. It will also store historical financial information in the Cloud, so you can pre-populate regular customers routes and fares, as well as providing information on customers who may have been unreliable in the past.

Fast Data

The high speed technology behind the app will work any where with internet connectivity, and the low data consumption of the app means you don't need to have expensive, complicated phone contracts that are riddled with all sorts of caveats and restrictions on your drivers data consumption.

Taxi Hub is also free to up date, so you won't need rack up any recurring costs as we continue to evolve and make improvements to the app as we progress with you.

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