Taxi Hub

The Dispatch System.

Multi or single screen, Taxi Hub is the simplest dispatch system you'll ever use. Point and click to add and allocate jobs combined with real time GPS tracking of your drivers makes it easy to manage your fleet.

Taxi Hub really is free to use for 14 days and then £2/week/driver thereafter. There are no catches, and the software is world class. It includes a driver app, and everything you need to revolutionise your business.

How much?

Free trial for 14 days and £2 per driver per week thereafter, no catches, just a brilliant win win scenario enjoyed by thousands of drivers and business owners worldwide, why don't you join them too?

Whether you are a one man enterprise, or run a fleet of hundreds, Taxi Hub will offer you a simple, efficient solution to your administrative and logistical needs, allowing you to keep every aspect of your business happy, from the fare, to dispatch, and driver.

Cloud Based Technology

Eliminating the need for traditional, hefty land based servers, utilising the latest innovations in cloud based technology to give you a mobile, secure solution to your data storage needs.

Taxi Hub will introduce you and your company to a service where all of your logistical details, from driver, to vehicle, to fare and everything in between are stored remotely, allowing you to literally work from anywhere, at any time, whether its from your office, your home, or your sunbed by the pool in a tropical paradise, giving you total flexibility and freedom to work wherever, and whenever you want.

Driver App

Any smart phone, any tablet, manage your drivers through Taxi Hub's app from your pocket, your desk, from anywhere.

Taxi Hub can be used from any smart device, from iPhone, to Galaxy, to Experia and beyond, allowing you to manage a whole fleet of drivers with different devices without having to go to the expense of updating a whole raft of handsets.


Plan and allocate your fleets jobs using an easy to understand drag and drop system, giving you a clear, traffic light coded planner detailing all of your drivers historical, current and booked fares.

The drag and job facility on the planner allows you to allocate and monitor your drivers jobs using a colour coded, traffic light system. You receive your request for a job and it goes into a pink section of the planner reserved for unallocated jobs, once it is ready to be allocated, you drag and drop it onto the icon representing your driver on your planner; this will then be sent straight to their app on whatever device they may use, and go red on your planner until they either accept the job, or refuse it.


Auto-Dispatch will do exactly that and dispatch your driver to their job automatically, according to your criteria, making your life easier, your drivers life easier, and most importantly, your customers life easier.

The Auto-Dispatch function within Taxi Hub allows you to tailor your dispatch to your own needs, and can be as exacting or as generic as suits your operation. You can set Auto-Dispatch to specific criteria per driver, so only certain drivers can be allocated certain jobs, for example, if you have a driver that required a certain type of vehicle, it will only send drivers with the vehicle that suited that particular need.

Benefits of Taxi Hub

If you don't already have a taxi dispatch system, it's tempting to think you're doing just fine and don't need one, especially if you're a one man band or have less than 10 drivers. The reality though, is that up and down the country, small but excellent taxi and private hire businesses are being out competed by those with taxi dispatch systems like Taxi Hub. Through no fault of their own they are unable to compete with a computerised system that results in massive time savings, and never forgets to remind customers of bookings etc.

So now more than ever, it is important to secure your future by getting a taxi dispatch system. It is the unfortunate reality that without one most small taxi and private hire firms are on borrowed time.

And if you think that one driver cannot benefit from a taxi dispatch system, think again, because the percentage admin burden on one driver/owner is much greater than larger businesses, so arguably one man bands have even more to gain. Often very small taxi and private hire businesses that get a dispatch system expand quickly because they can suddenly manage thousands of bookings, customers and multiple drivers without spending a fortune on additional operators.

Costs to You

Only £2 per week per driver.

Taxi Hub is a world class Taxi Dispatch System and Driver App. What sets us apart is how simple we make it for our customers. No other dispatch system is this easy to use and set up and no other is as up front about their charges as us. You can get started immediately with our 14-Day Free Trial because Taxi Hub is server based. There's no need for any additional hardware if your drivers have smart phones (most people do).

Taxi Hub and its modular design offers you a complete solution that will adapt to any scenario in your business, even creating invoices and other financial documents allowing you to free up more of that most precious commodity, time, to concentrate on the core aspects of your business.

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