Taxi Hub

Dispatch Planner.

Plan and allocate your fleets jobs using an easy to understand drag and drop system.

Drag and Drop Your Drivers

Plan and allocate your fleets jobs using an easy to understand drag and drop system, giving you a clear, traffic light coded planner detailing all of your drivers historical, current and booked fares.

The drag and job facility on the planner allows you to allocate and monitor your drivers jobs using a colour coded, traffic light system. You receive your request for a job and it goes into a pink section of the planner reserved for unallocated jobs, once it is ready to be allocated, you drag and drop it onto the icon representing your driver on your planner; this will then be sent straight to their app on whatever device they may use, and go red on your planner until they either accept the job, or refuse it. It will also prevent you from allocating jobs to drivers that might not be able to fulfill them for whatever reason - if your fare requires a specific vehicle, but the driver you are trying to allocate a job to hasn’t got the correct vehicle, it will not let you drag and drop the job onto that driver, and will drop itself back into the pink, unallocated section, this will help to eliminate mistakes and miscommunications that might occur, over a bad mobile phone line for example, making your business more efficient, and making your customers journey as smooth and seamless as possible.

Once your driver has accepted their job, they’ll go amber on your planner, and you know they are waiting to start their job, once they’ve started the job they will go green and it’s all systems go and you can relax.

Understood at a Glance

PicThe planner automatically updates in five minute increments, allowing you to keep an eye on things, this, coupled with the universally recognised traffic light system grants you a quick and easy way to monitor what your drivers are up to, giving you a straight forward guide that only takes a moment to give you a complete overview of your business in real time. It also gives you a visual representation of what jobs and drivers might need chasing - if any of them remain red for an inordinate amount of time, you can chase them up without having to trawl through everyones jobs to make sure they are all on top of things. Once the driver has finished their job, and updated their app, the job will go black in your planner, giving you a clear and concise summary of the day or night to look at back on, and an easy way to indicate that your driver is ready for his or hers next job.

Taxi Hubs planner is designed to be comprehensive, yet simple to see and understand, so with a quick glance at your operating system, you can see exactly what is happening at any given time. Whether you are working from a single or split screen system, the planner allows you to have all of the relevant information, including up to date maps, at your finger tips, giving you the opportunity to plot your fleets movements quickly, easily and efficiently, helping to minimise the stresses of a busy shift.

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