Taxi Hub


Auto-Dispatch will do exactly that – dispatch your driver to their job automatically, according to your criteria, making your life easier, your drivers life easier, and most importantly, your customers life easier.


The Auto-Dispatch function within Taxi Hub allows you to tailor your dispatch to your own needs, and can be as exacting or as generic as suits your operation. You can set Auto-Dispatch to specific criteria per driver, so only certain drivers can be allocated certain jobs, for example, if you have a driver that required a certain type of vehicle, it will only send drivers with the vehicle that suited that particular need. These parameters can be set to be as refined as you like, so if you have a customer that has a very specific set of requirements and needs X + Y + Z to complete their journey, Auto-Dispatch will cater for this almost instantly.

Where Auto-Dispatch works seamlessley to designate your drivers to jobs across the four corners of your territory, it will also stop you from sending drivers on jobs they are unable to fulfill. If it receives a request for job, it will attempt to allocate it across your portfolio, and if it cannot find a driver that fits within the parameters of the job, it will return it to the pink, unallocated section of the Planner to allow you to deal with it.

Reducing Dispatchers Work Load

All of this happens within a matter of seconds, potentially reducing you or your dispatchers workload exponentially, leaving more time to concentrate other jobs, letting you or your dispatch team work smarter and faster for the benefit of your business.

The easy to understand and view interaction between Auto-Dispatch and the Planner allows you to watch all of the action unfold in front of your eyes. By taking the hassle of having to be constantly on the phone to your drivers, chasing them to fulfill jobs, or checking on their availability, your company will be ushering in the future of the taxi industry, allowing you to focus on the most important person in the whole process – the customer. This new, customer led process (not normally the focus in this industry), means that their experience will smoother, quicker, far less stressful, and far more enjoyable, encouraging them back to your company every time they need to be taken from A to B.

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